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Based in the heart of the North West, delivering projects throughout the UK, Clayton Contract Furnishings is dedicated to the supply and production of hand crafted, quality furniture.

Adaptability is our cornerstone and our work varies from individual rooms and items of furniture to hospitality suites and bespoke furniture to grace a reception area that gives the 'Wow' factor.

Since we were established in 1994 fashion, fabrics and design have changed on a regular basis. Clayton Contract have reacted to these changes by sourcing and developing a range of furniture to complement any décor, building or venue.

Contact us and we can develop exactly what you require with an eye to quality/value and timescales.

We are family based business with the flexibility to respond to a variety of differing applications and constraints.

We have just a sample of our furniture on our website which you can view here, which includes Chairs, Settees, Tables & Stools

We also offer bespoke furniture and soft furnishings which we supply to a range of applications such as, Hotels and Hotel Groups, Sports facilities and Hospitality units, Leisure centres and Resorts and Schools and colleges. You can take a look at our recent projects for clients such as Malmaison Hotel Group, Hotel-Du-Vin, Artisan Café Bar and much more.

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Dynargh Design
Michelle Derbyshire Interior Design
Hotel Du Vin & Bistro
Alexander house